Research Life

Are we at risk of losing current generation of climate researchers to data science?

S Jain, J Mindlin, G Koren, C Gulizia, C Steadman, G Langendijk, M Osman, MA Abid, Y Rao, V Rabanal, AGU Advances, 2022

Why it took me eight years and three postdoc jobs to describe myself as a scientist

S Jain, Nature Careers

The challenge of leading inter-disciplinary research projects

S Jain, Nature Index

Three leading women in science share the highlight of their careers

S Jain, Nature Index

Hope, fear and climate scientists

S Jain, Nature Index

Science Outreach

Ignoring internal variability can lead to misleading conclusions on model fidelity

S Jain and AA Scaife, CCRS Newsletter Issue 4

Subseasonal outlooks for the ASEAN Specialized Meteorological Centre (ASMC)

Contributing Author, ASMC website

Monthly to seasonal outlooks for the Southeast Asia Regional Climate Centre (SEA-RCC) 

Contributing Author, ASMC website

Tackling the challenge of weather prediction from days to weeks ahead

S Jain, YESS Interview Series, Waves-to-Weather (W2W) Project

The Role of WCRP SPARC in fostering the next generation of Earth-system scientists

S Jain, YESS Interview Series, WCRP Stratosphere-troposphere Processes And their Role in Climate (SPARC) Project

The WCRP, YESS, HEICCAM, ASMC, CCRS, and GEWEX newsletters

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Third-Party Mentions

How to collaborate using only email

Interviewed by Andy Tay, For Nature Index

Outsourcing the work of industrial climate science

Editor's Highlight by Bjorn Stevens, For American Geophysical Union, EOS

From monsoon joy to fear: a climate crisis awakening

Interviewed by Genevieve Scanlan, For the International Science Council (ISC)